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Pharmacy faculty

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Specialty: Pharmacy

Faculty:    Pharmacy

Entrance examinations: Chemistry, Biology, Russian language

The pharmaceutical faculty of the Tomsk Medical Institute was opened by order of the All-Union Committee for Higher School Affairs at the Council of People’s Commissars of the USSR on September 9, 1941. At 75 places allocated to the first course, only 35 people were able to recruit, of which a diploma of a pharmacist in 1944 received only 9 graduates. Subsequently, the enrollment of students reached 270 people, the geography of the distribution of graduates covered almost all regions of the Soviet Union, from Sakhalin to Kaliningrad.

A new impulse in the development of the faculty of Siberian State Medical University was given by the opening in 1997 of the correspondence department, in which the main priority was the quality of education, which undoubtedly contributed to strengthening the authority and popularity of the faculty. The activities of the correspondence department since its opening are overseen by the deputy dean, Professor G.I. Kalinkina.

The year 1999 can be considered significant for the faculty when its departments were transferred to a new building of the educational and laboratory building, which made it possible to provide more camphor conditions for work and study, introduce modern educational technologies, and develop the infrastructure providing the research process.

At the disposal of the departments of the Faculty of the major production bases for practical training – a branch of scientific-production association “Microgen” in Tomsk “Virion”, Tomsk innovative company “Artlife” training laboratory in the company “Astrafarm” study pharmacy – the oldest pharmacy in Tomsk Governorate Tomsk regional pharmacy warehouse. Already during their studies, students have the opportunity to develop and produce a pilot batch of pharmaceutical products in the center of SSMU introduction of technology where today 3 clinical trials of the drug, developed at the Faculty of Pharmacy.

Most students receive the President of the Russian Federation and the Government of the scholarship, the group “Farmkontrakt” companies – the largest pharmaceutical holding company in Russia, as well as companies “Takeda” and “Materia Medica”, and graduates have the opportunity to enter the Russian pharmaceutical personnel reserve.

As part of the Siberian State Medical University in 1941, operates the first in Siberia and the Far East, Faculty of Pharmacy, today it is a leading center for training pharmacists Russia. More than 8000 specialists have graduated here, among them 200 doctors and candidates of sciences. Geography students represented regions from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad. Faculty will provide qualified personnel not only to pharmacies, pharmaceutical industry enterprises, but also to open later specialized departments in other universities of Siberia: in Kemerovo, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk. Annually produces about 200 faculty staff.

Chuchalin Vladimir Sergeyevich, Doctor of Pharmacy, Professor, Head of the Department of Basic Pharmaceutical Technology and Biotechnology, a graduate of the Faculty of Pharmacy of SSMU, working in a scientific direction: a pharma-technologic study of biologically active compounds and the development of sustainable technologies and formulations thereof.

Currently, the pharmaceutical faculty of the Siberian State Medical University is the oldest and largest faculty of the corresponding profile in the Siberian and Far Eastern region.

The faculty is proud of its graduates who have made a significant contribution to the development of pharmaceutical science and practice, most of whom continue to work actively as heads of departments, laboratories, centers in various educational and scientific organizations.

– SibSMU among the top three Russian medical universities
– Training simulation center of the European level
– 80% of the teaching staff have academic degrees and titles
– Own multidisciplinary clinic, which annually treats more than 15,000 patients
– Dissecting the largest collections with exhibits, emerging over 120 years
– Unique courses of medical English.
– Possibility of internships abroad.
– Possibility of transferring from tuition fees to budget
– Doctor – one of the most popular professions in the world
– 100% guarantee of employment

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